Bake your own!Send in your designs and
get paid every time they sell.

How do I become a designer?

We're always looking for fresh ideas. Whether you're the most talented designer in the world or you've come up with a single funny idea, you can make money with ShotDeadintheHead®.

All you need to do is hit the link below to send us your idea and we’ll do the rest. We spend all day every day designing T-shirts, so if you have a good concept or phrase we can make it into something wonderful.

We like original ideas, so please don't send us something that you've seen on another site. Our bestselling ideas are amusing, provocative and clever - to give you a flavour of what works well, some of our recent top selling lines include '50 Sheds of Grey', 'Atheism - a non-prophet organisation' and the world famous 'Cure for Tourette's' - we were sent this idea via Facebook and had paid the designer almost £2000 in commission in just two months.

So if you have an idea just click here to mail us and send it through.
If you are a fancy pants designer and you want us to sell your finished design that’s cool too. We need artwork submitted in either AI or PSD files and you can send those here.

Of course, we don’t put up everything we get sent, just the really good stuff. If you don’t hear back from us within a couple of weeks then we didn't think your idea was right for us. But do try again! There’s no limit on how many ideas you can submit or how many we will make.

Have you got thousands of potential customers eyeballing your site every day but you don’t have anything to sell them?

Are you looking for new ways to monetize your business outside of traditional advertising whilst expanding your brand reach?

How do I get paid?

If we like your submission we will email you a simple contract to fill out and send back to us before we spend any time on the design. It’s a standard contract with nothing scary in it; it just covers us both against the man. Once we get the contract back we will design the t shirt and put it on our site. And then we are off and selling. We’ll also put your designs onto our third party channels such as Amazon and Play, so your design gets the most visibility possible. At the end of each month we round up how many items with your idea on have sold and pay you for each one; £2 for each hood, £1 for each tee and 30p for each mug. Payment will be made within one week of this.

We pay using PayPal so it’s imperative you have a PayPal account. They are free to set up and easy as pie, so don’t worry if you don’t have one yet.

Will I sell loads? Can I retire now?

It’s impossible to know which designs will sell. Sometimes we get sent a cracking idea and we just know it’s going to fly but most of the time they are a pleasant surprise. The one thing we do know for sure is that your job doesn't stop when you send in the idea. The best way to sell your t-shirt is to share it with everyone. Post it on your Facebook page, mail it to all your friends, promote it on every forum and shared space you can find.

So don’t sit back and wait, get out there and work the angles. Hustle it up.