I'm So Fabulous Mug



Nothing says fabulous more than unicorns and rainbows. FACT. Design copyrighted by Push Merchandising. Sweary Fairy range copyrighted Push Merchandising Ltd.

Mug design reads: I'm so fucking fabulous

Our ceramic mugs are all white barring the printed design and are a standard mug size.

SKU: U.MU.-.SD.SD4968

I'm So Fabulous Mug

Trusted Reviews

It was for my wife. And she is !

By Mr Ladbrooke, 2 months ago

Can't find fault with this, its been through the dishwasher once and all seems fine.

By Charlie Foulkes, 1 year ago

This mug is amazing! I had to add it in while ordering gifts for the husband. It is now my work mug - my collegues are so jealous!

By Lee48, 1 year ago